Tips For Surviving The First 3 Months Post-Baby

All of us Mama’s have been there. The whirlwind birth experience, the joy of finally holding your tiny baby in your arms, and complete awe for this next chapter of life post-baby.

And then you take your newborn home.

You are now completely responsible for keeping this tiny human alive. Even though you spent 50,000 hours on Pinterest “preparing,” nothing can truly prepare you for what those first few months post-baby is like.

New moms, second time moms, tenth time moms; here are some things that can make life easier when bringing a baby home…

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REST when you can

Notice how it doesn’t say, SLEEP when you can. This is for a reason! I had so many people tell me, “Oh yeah, you just sleep when the baby is sleeping.” I knew I wouldn’t be getting much sleep but I definitely underestimated just what that meant. Here was my routine:

7:00 PM –> feed baby

7:45 PM –> change diaper, burp baby

8:15 PM –> rock baby for however long it takes to get her to sleep

8:30-9:00 PM –> lay baby down to sleep

9:15 PM –> try to eat, pee, shower, sleep

9:16 PM –> baby is awake… REPEAT PROCESS

Can any other moms relate? This isn’t an exact schedule but it felt like there were many days of just trying to get by. How do we solve this? My husband would take over diaper changes, or make food ahead of time so I could eat and lay right down. This would give me time to rest some and eventually when we switched to formula he was able to take some feedings as well. Sleep wasn’t always on the table but finding those moments to rest, even for a minute, really helped.

Communicate With Your Spouse

Let’s start with this… Do not expect your spouse to be able to read your mind! <– See my post here for more info on that!

You are already exhausted, so don’t waste more energy on bickering with your spouse. Communicate to them what you need in that moment. If you need a few minutes alone because you’ve had the baby all day, tell him! Don’t expect him to know that he should offer to do this or anything other thing for you. If your spouse has every good intention towards you, he won’t mind, but he can’t do what you don’t ask!

Also, it’s okay to express not okay emotions with your spouse. I am one of the many new moms who dealt with post-partum depression. I should have opened up to my husband earlier about it, but once I did he was able to understand more where I was coming from.

Remember you both love each other, and the best thing you can do during this time is to clearly communicate your needs to one another.

Don’t over do it

No matter your labor experience, don’t push yourself to do too much too soon! I say this from personal experience, as I busted a couple of stitches a few days after I got home from the hospital.

These were just little things like getting up to make my own food, grabbing my phone from the bedroom, or going outside to check the mail. You just had a baby, it’s okay to ask for some help! This leads me to my next point…

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

I think sometimes we feel like we have to “have it all together.” We sense a weakness in ourselves when we urge to ask for help.

Guess what? You are weak! We all are. And it’s okay to ask for help. God says this in His word:

“In the same way, even though we are many individuals, Christ makes us one body and individuals who are connected to each other.” Romans 12:5

We are created for relationship with one another! So you don’t have to be afraid to reach out and ask for help if you need it! This doesn’t make you a bad mom, or show that you don’t know what you are doing.

Seasoned mom’s know what you are going through and would be glad to help! If you need to nap, take a shower or especially if you are having feelings linked to PPD, call someone up. It can be a parent, grandparent, friend, or even someone from your church.

I know there are situations where you might not live close to family or have a spouse to help out –> try finding a local church or even a trusted neighbor to come over for a bit. If you don’t have anyone close in proximity, a phone call to just chat with someone can help tremendously!

Trust your maternal instincts

One night when Baby G was about two weeks old, we noticed she started breathing funny. We immediately took her to the ER and found out that she had an upper respiratory infection. This isn’t a huge deal for adults but for a newborn it was very scary! We were then able to ask questions and take measures to help her get better, rather than wait for it to get worse.

You know your child and you know when something is wrong. I would much rather be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to a newborn. That is why it is so important to find a pediatrician who you absolutely love and feel comfortable calling to ask questions.

Keep a feeding log

This this this! So simple yet I would have never thought of it had the hospital not given us a print out.

If you suffered from “pregnancy brain” during those 9 months, don’t worry, it then turns into “mom brain.” It got to be way too much to remember how long ago I had fed her, or how much!

The printable also had a slot to put whenever they had a wet/dirty diaper. This came in handy when the pediatrician asked how many wet/dirty diapers she had per day. We would literally pull out the feeding log at the doctor’s office and not have to guess.

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Enjoy the snuggles

I’ve saved the best for last! They don’t lie when they say it goes by too quick.

As many sleepless nights and long days we had, I’ve never regretted holding my daughter and letting her snuggle on my chest as much as I did. You won’t regret snuggling them, only not snuggling them enough.

The first three months are definitely tough adjusting to life with a little one! Hopefully these tips can help make life a little easier those first few months post-baby. Once you make it through those first few months you will see a routine start to develop and maybe even *GASP* sleep again, regaining a sense of normalcy!

What are some tips you have for moms during those first few months??

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