STITCH FIX: An Honest Review

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I might be a little late to the scene in the Stitch Fix world, but I tried it and am here to share my honest opinion! Let me start out by saying that this is not my first time trying Stitch Fix. My first box arrived in very early 2016, and I ended up keeping every piece I received because I loved all items that were sent! However, the following month I found out that we were expecting a baby, so I didn’t get to get a lot of use out of them.

Now, before we get into the good, bad and the nitty gritty, let’s go over what Stitch Fix is exactly…


Stitch Fix is a personalized styling service that sends 5 pieces of clothing/accessories straight to your door. These pieces are hand-picked for you based on YOUR style and preferences.

This is perfect for you if you:

  • Dread going to the mall and/or department stores to shop
  • Have hard time figuring out what looks good on you
  • Want to keep on trend with the latest styles
  • Are tired of your old wardrobe and looking for some fresh pieces
  • Love to shop already and try on clothes
  • Have kids and just don’t have time/energy to shop

My Style

I would say I fall into the “love to shop” and “looking for some fresh pieces” categories. When I do purchase clothes, it is usually from places like Ross, Walmart or JCPenney’s if I have a coupon. I am a full time mom, work part time and involved in my church. The average day for me is either in my pajamas, t-shirt & yoga pants, work attire or dressy clothes for church & date nights. I usually have no problem finding clothing I like but budgeting and having the time to do so limits that in this season of life.

I wanted to try and find some clothes that were dressy but also still had that comfy and casual feel. My stylist definitely succeeded in finding me that! The price point for me for each item of clothing is definitely more than I would usually spend, (told ya, an honest review), but I’ll talk more about that later on!

So What Next?

First, you create your style profile. Your style profile includes your sizes, print preferences, modesty requirements, specific requests, etc. You can also leave a link to your social media accounts and pinterest boards for your stylist to get a better idea of who you are and what you like. The more fixes you receive the more your stylist gets to know you and your pieces will be more tailored to your every day life.

[ Stitch Fix also now carries Maternity clothes and Men’s styling too! Perfect way to get your hubby to try some new clothes. ]

Here’s an example of two look collections that I chose “Love it” for:

Cost & Frequency

The cost will vary, depending on what you decide to keep and send back. It is an upfront $20 “Styling Fee” for you to receive each box. BUT if you decide to keep anything, the $20 will be applied as a credit to that. Also, if you keep all 5 pieces you receive a 25% discount, which means if you like the majority of what you got, it’s almost worth it to just keep them all!

There is also an option to select price points you would like to stay at for each section of clothing. The average cost per piece is about $55, but the items are very nice quality and some things that you might never think to try out on your own. I find that a lot of people who try Stitch Fix receive a lot of “clothing staples,” meaning clothes that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits, which is great for wardrobe capsuling.

You can choose how often you want to receive a box; every month, every 3 months, or on demand (this is the option I chose). I like this because you aren’t getting any hidden charges each month as long as you select “schedule fix on demand.”

My Box:


I absolutely LOVE this sweater. Before I tried it on it looked like it had a very square shape to it so I wasn’t completely sold. I put it on and immediately noticed how flowy it was and that it covered my midsection, which I listed as a problem area on my style quiz.


I had a similar reaction to this… I was NOT a fan of the pattern on the dress, and even when I tried it on I wasn’t too sure. Once I saw this picture though, my mind completely changed! I love the way it photographs and how it makes my blonde hair stand out. The neck line and color were my favorite things about this dress, as well as the super soft material.


I pretty much knew I would like this one, and I did! It’s a very comfy sweater, made from light material (great for all my mom sweat) and can be dressed up with the right accessories. I reeeeeally like the criss-cross at the top, but needed a camisole to make sure I didn’t have any cleavage showing. The color is great too because it can be paired with browns & golds, as well as blacks & grays.


Ehhh… that is what I first said when I pulled this item out. Don’t get me wrong, my closet is stocked with comfy v-neck shirts, which is probably why I wasn’t as thrilled about this one. The color is nice and I think the material might be made from an angel’s pillow (sooo soft), but it is really hard for me to justify spending that much on a v-neck tee that I could easily get from Walmart.


Oh cardigans! My stylist must have peeked into my closet to know I am a complete SUCKER for a good cardigan. The fact that it is black & white just adds to my obsession. And once I placed it over the v-neck it made me like that even more too. The length isn’t too long and has a slit up each side which makes it a little more flowy and not as stiff and straight. Again, LOVE this one!

The cool thing is that each box comes with a piece of paper showing you different styling options for the items you receive; this is a great tool for style building, especially if you receive some more adventurous pieces that you aren’t used to wearing!

Pro’s and Con‘s?

The Good…

  • It is very convenient if you don’t have a lot of time to shop
  • The quality of the clothing and material seems to be very nice
  • There is a 25% discount if you decide to keep all of the items
  • You have the option to try out new things that you might not have picked yourself

The Bad…

  • Some of the items can be a little pricey for those (like me) who frequent Ross or Walmart for clothes
  • Stitch Fix is a subscription service! Avoid getting accidentally charged each month by making sure you select “schedule fix on demand”
  • There is a possibility that the clothes might not fit or you send it all back –> this means you are out $20 for the styling fee

Will I Order Again??

Short answer… YES! Stitch Fix is an awesome idea for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or even to a new mom! The NEW maternity section will be something I definitely try in the future. My husband may also find himself receiving a fix to spice up his wardrobe a bit!

Due to some budgeting restrictions, I didn’t keep anything this time around. 🙁

Over all, I am very pleased with my Stitch Fix experience! I hope this review helps you if you have been on the fence about it!

If you are ready to try your first fix, click HERE to get started!


Have you tried Stitch Fix?? What was your experience like? Share in the comments below!

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