How My Husband & I Met: Both Versions!

I love sharing the story of how Nick and I met; it just reminds me of how good God is and how His timing is perfect 🙂 I thought it would be fun to share with everyone both Nick and I’s versions of how we met and how he proposed! Keep in mind, these were written in September 2013, right after we were engaged.


How we met:

We both attended Campbellsville University in 2012-2013 (my fourth, his first there). Nick and I “officially” met back April 2013, at a college night at Lowell Avenue Baptist Church. However, back in the fall of 2012 we found out we actually had a class together! He dropped it two weeks after but we still thought it was hilarious that we had that class together but never met. I sat in the front and never once looked back; he would see me walk in and thought the back of my head looked very nice haha 🙂 Back to Lowell… we all ended up playing a game of ultimate Frisbee and we were on the same team. I introduced myself to everyone I didn’t know, including Nick, and noticed he had a Sports Reach shirt on. “Hey, my brother played softball tournaments for Sports Reach, that’s really cool!” He then replied with some mumbling comment and smiled and I thought, Oh man, he thinks I’m a loser! I later found out he was super intimidated by me, for reasons I still don’t understand! Obviously I thought he was super cute, but didn’t know a single thing about him. We did have a cool moment though; there was a play where I had the Frisbee and Nick was open in the end zone. I threw the Frisbee to him and he caught it and scored a point! We high fived each other, and sometimes still today we do that just to be goofy 🙂 Never did I imagine after that night that I had just met my future husband and the love of my life.

Moving on, the next week there was a BCM cookout that both of us attended. I had just found out some awesome news about a possible job opportunity with the KBC, so I was super excited and talking all of my friend’s head’s off! He noticed me, but I didn’t know he was there. After eating hamburgers and hotdogs we all moved inside for a time of worship. I remember two guys throwing football in the chapel and I whispered to Anna about it. Nick was in the front and he later told me that he was trying to show off and get my attention…. Apparently I am just clueless!

Last but not least, May 4, aka Graduation Day, arrived and my life changed forever! I had just graduated with my degree from a wonderful school that I had made so many great memories at! All of my family and friends and people I loved were there to celebrate with me. We had a cookout with all of our family and friends at my brother’s house, hanging out and just having a good time. It was one of the best days I have had in my life! Then before I know it, here comes walking in Rico, Baptiste and (of course) Nick! I was a little surprised to see him but I did remember him as the cute Frisbee guy. After mingling for a bit I found myself in the kitchen with the three guys and spoke to Nick again; I remembered how shy he was so I honestly didn’t think he would remember me, and he said he did! Throughout the day I kept trying to sneak a peek at him, just to see who he was talking to or how he was holding up with my crazy (in a good way) family! At one point we were all sitting there, and me being the ridiculous and not so bright person that I am, decided to suck helium out of a balloon. Everyone was cracking up (including me) and I hear Nick say, “You know that kills brain cells right?” My response: “Hey, there’s still three more balloons!!!” By this time I knew he HAD to think I was an idiot haha. People started to filter out and he was one of the last few there. We somehow managed to keep playing ping pong against each other (which I was secretly excited about) and of course I kept beating him 🙂 Probably not the best first impression to make! At one point we all sat there and were just talking and then I heard Nick share his testimony. It was so powerful and I couldn’t believe this amazing guy was right there, and really cute! He must have a girlfriend, I thought, so I quickly pushed any idea of anything happening from my head. Plus he lived in Tennessee, I mean come on! The day ended and everyone left, and me being the creeper that I am, messaged him on facebook, thanking him for coming to the party. But really I just was hoping he would continue a conversation with me, and he did :). We hung out a few times, and he FINALLY asked for my number and we had multiple 5 hour long phone conversations. He came to visit me, and I visited him, and we decided to pursue a relationship after lots prayer and counsel from others. We have literally talked every day since May 4, and will now for the rest of our lives!

The Proposal:

To be honest, the engagement wasn’t a huge surprise, but absolutely perfect! But we had a lot to talk and pray about and needed to figure out timing for when we were wanting to get married.
He came up to see me for the weekend, and of course I had to work until close that Friday night. He picked me up and we went to eat at Bdubs (my favorite restaurant) and I noticed he was acting super giddy and weird. “You’re acting weirdy,” I told him. He just smiled and said he was happy. He was also on his phone, and said he was texting my brother which I thought was strange. On the way home it didn’t help that he played lots of wedding songs (I Want to Marry You, Better Today, The Wedding Song) and I just kind of giggled awkwardly and giddily. He was still on his phone and all of the sudden blurts out, “I want ice cream, do you want any?” I replied no because I was still full from dinner, which usually he would’ve just said okay and gone on home, but instead he drove and got him some from DQ.

We arrived at my parents house and he went downstairs while I went upstairs to change into comfy clothes. Both my parents greeted me at the stairs which was weird, and I was like, “Okay, well I am going downstairs now…” I came down (after a looooong time according to Nick) and was looking for my drink. I opened the door to ask Nick if I left it down there and when I did all the lights were off and he was standing there… It scared the bajeezies out of me! At this point I knew for sure what was happening and we were both super giddy and nervous. I followed a path of rose petals down the stairs and into the living room. There were candles lit everywhere (it was so romantic and beautiful!!) and a letter and box sitting on the mattress. He spelled out the word “sit” (which I thought was funny) and it pointed towards the mattress. He wrote me a sweet letter because he knows how much I really love them, and I opened the box and it was empty! I turned around and he was there on one knee with the ring in his hand and asked me to marry him…. To make a long story short, I said yes 🙂


How We Met:

Well there was a couple times Mindy and I could have met while we were both at Campbellsville. The first time would’ve been in our consumer behavior class we had together my first semester there. I decided to drop the class for a class for my major about three classes in and never got the opportunity to talk to the pretty blonde that would walk into class and quietly grab her seat in the front of the room. We only later figured out we even had a class together. This was when the Lord had just come into my life and revealed Himself to me and was changing my world so girls were the least of my concern at that point. Not only did we never notice each other walking on campus but not any volleyball games, football games, or any other event on campus. Then spring semester the university had college night at Lowell Avenue Baptist Church. I had already been one time before and had a blast so I knew it was going to be fun the second time. As the night went on I ran into Mindy on the court when I was playing basketball. I was nervous of course, because I never knew how to act around girls but now that I knew Jesus I had no clue how to respond. So when Mindy came up to start conversation she asked about my Sports Reach shirt I had on. She said something like, “Hey did you play for Sports Reach? My brother plays with them!” and I responded with the shortest and dullest answer ever, “Yea, I went on a mission trip with them.” No details, no exchanging of names, no nothing!!! That was about the end of the conversation. Until we started playing ultimate Frisbee! We introduced ourselves because we were on the same team but I think both of us were more interested in winning the game than getting to know each other. During the game Mindy had the Frisbee passed to her then she whips around and tosses it to me for a score! I was excited to score but I held my composure and we had our first high five. It was so subtle but it happened and I definitely remember that now.

After that there was a BCM cookout before oasis on campus. I remember walking up and being all sweaty because I just got done playing basketball, but I noticed Mindy sitting down with her hair and make-up all done up and she was the first person to get my attention. But instead of being a man and going up and saying, “Hey, I remember you from college night, How are you?” I sat awkwardly about 10 feet behind her talking to friends occasionally glancing over to see what she was doing. Yep she was still sitting down talking to her friends. After we went inside the chapel we all waited for Ed Pavy to deliver the message. Someone for some reason brought in a football so I decided to throw in the middle of the chapel. I went up front and I noticed Mindy sitting to the right. I tried my best to look cool throwing the football in the isle hoping she would notice. She probably did but was wondering, “who is this guy throwing football in the chapel.” After that day we didn’t meet again until graduation day. I was transferring to Cumberland university to work for my church but my friend Robert I went to high school with was graduating so I went up to visit. After graduation I thought I would make my rounds and see all my friends that I may not see again for a while. I was getting ready to leave for Robert’s graduation party when Rico said he was going to a graduation get together. I responded with “I wasn’t invited and I don’t know anybody.” But he told me to hold on and texted Mindy’s brother Philip. He said one more person wouldn’t hurt so I went over with Rico. We get there and I see Mindy looking absolutely amazing! But as I walked in her entire family was there and I was greeted by a hug from her mom. Everyone was extremely nice but I didn’t really know anyone so I just sat awkwardly eating, all the while taking my glances at the beautiful girl who you couldn’t help but notice when she was in the room. We had those times when she would catch me looking and I would do that quick look away. People started to leave and then we started having maybe too much fun. What I mean is Mindy grabbed a helium balloon and couldn’t control the laughter, it was hilarious! Then the ping pong table got set up and so it began. We started playing one game and immediately I noticed her competitive nature, I really liked that. We would play a game, she would win, and no one else wanted to play so I tried over and over to at least win once. After about twenty games and still no win I finally accepted defeat so we started talking. I got to share my story and got to hear a little bit of hers. Even after all the fun and laughs we had playing ping pong all night I was still clueless to the fact that there was even a chance. I never would of thought a girl like her would ever want to be with a guy like me. But after we left she sent me a message just thanking me for coming and the rest is history. We have talked every single day since May 4th and we will be together every day on March 8th!


So the night came, after long hard thought in how I was going to do it.. it happened nothing like I planned haha. But it was still nice! I got her ring before coming up to her house. I was super excited and I just didn’t know how it was going to happen. She had a huge group of friends and family from church coming over that weekend, so I was thinking huge proposal in front of everyone! Didn’t happen haha. But it was much more special between just Mindy and I so it was well worth it.

That day Mindy had to work so I dropped her off and headed back to her house. The first thing I did was I brought the ring in and show it to her mom. She loved it and was super excited and told me she had all the materials I would need for the proposal. I told her I wanted to talk to Mindy’s dad first before I did anything else. Well I was downstairs finishing my homework when Mike came down for “The Talk”. I was kind of nervous but was still excited. I asked him if he would be ok with me marrying his daughter. There was a slight pause haha not really but that would’ve been terrible! He said yes and we had a great conversation that was very real and encouraging. So I went upstairs and got all the romantic goods from Nancy. So I got back downstairs and had it all planned out. I wrote her a letter because I know she loves them and set up candles and rose pedals all over the room. After I set up the candles in the shape of a heart and placed the rest of them in certain places all over the room, I placed rose pedals spelling “SIT” with and arrow point to where I wanted her to be placed. I then put the ring box inside another box on the bed and set the letter over the top. I must admit looking back it looked good!

Then I went to pick her up from work, my nerves were on edge. I couldn’t really sit still and couldn’t stop smiling at her. Well we left her work and went straight to her favorite place ever! If you know her then you know that is Buffalo Wild Wings. The whole ride and the entire time we were eating I was being extremely weird. I couldn’t contain myself, and it didn’t really help on the ride home I played the Better Today (wedding song) and Let’s Get Married. I’m so dumb haha. But we got back and I let her go up and change while I sat on the stairs going downstairs for what seemed like forever. I had to go to the bathroom but I would hear the water turn on and off upstairs so I never knew if it was ok to leave my post. She finally came down and opened the door and I believe I startled her because it was dark and the first thing she sees when she opens the door is my mug staring right back at her haha. But I let her walk down the stairs following the rose petal trail and pointed to my sign telling her to “SIT”. She sat down and read the letter and opened the boxes only to find the ring wasn’t in there.. just like I had planned! I had the ring and asked her to marry me, not really certain if she said yes yet but she hugged me and we have a date set so I am assuming it was a yes. But after laughter and almost burning the house down, I now get to marry the most amazingly beautiful godly woman I have ever met and get to spend the rest of my life loving her like Christ loved the Church. And I cant wait to see where the Lord uses us to further build His Kingdom.

How did you meet your significant other?? I’d love to hear in the comments 🙂

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