Baby G Birth Story Part 4: Post Baby & Recovery

Part 4: Post Baby & Recovery

This is Part 4, the final part of Baby G’s Birth Story. Check out Parts 1, 2 & 3 if you haven’t read them yet!

After an amazing labor and delivery experience, it was time to rest and recover! We didn’t have too many visitors in the hospital, which in a way was nice because we got to soak up a lot of snuggles her first few days of life. Here is a little look into life Post Baby and Recovery!

How Do I Even Use The Bathroom?!

My whole pregnancy I would think about having to pee for the first time after having the baby. Random and strange I know, but these are the things I thought about! I had heard horror stories and how painful it could be so I was expecting the worst.

The nurse and Nick both had to help me up to make sure I could walk okay and got me to the bathroom. It was difficult because I still didn’t have too much feeling going on down there and I was afraid to push and bust the stitches! Once I sat down I remember telling Nick I thought I was going to pass out and then my vision started to go black. The nurse and him both helped me up and it got worse, so Nick rolled over a chair for me to sit down until I was ready to try and go back to the bed.

My First Meal

I had given much thought into what I wanted my first meal to be after… I didn’t want something to greasy to hurt my stomach but after being so sick during my pregnancy I wanted something gooooood! And what’s better than Jimmy John’s, especially since they delivered it right to us! It was so true what everyone said about how heartburn/indigestion goes away immediately after the birth. I enjoyed that meal so much and it felt fantastic to eat something without worrying how I would feel after 🙂 We even ended up getting it again the next day before we headed home!

Time In The Hospital

Once the numbness was completely gone, I ended up taking pain meds to help deal with the pain and soreness. I was tired but not too groggy which I was grateful for because I wanted to be alert and aware of what was going on, and remember this special time! I continued to breastfeed and was having difficulty even in the hospital so the nurses were constantly coming in to help. When the lactation consultant finally arrived, I didn’t remember a word she said. I found out after the fact that they had given me a full dose of the pain medicine instead of the half I had been taking, therefore I fell asleep quite a few times while she was talking to me! I explained to her after what had happened and so she came back in the next day to fill me in.

Watching the DREADED Video

One of the worst things that happened while we were there were the videos they made us watch. All were very informative such as how to properly install a car seat, CPR and those sorts of things. But then we had to watch a video on SIDS. I understand the safety and importance of this and how serious it needs to be taken when caring for your baby, but Nick and I cried through the entire video. I was so scared and honestly was convinced that it was going to happen to Baby G, which played a part in my Post-partum Depression that I didn’t realize I had until weeks later (I will write a post about that at a later date).

Baby G however was such a good baby! She slept and ate and was just so content! Our last day in the hospital they checked her bilirubin and noticed it was a little high, which warranted another visit back to the hospital the following morning, and again three times that next week. She didn’t need a special light to take home or anything because it wasn’t significant, but enough to where they wanted to make sure.

Headed Home 

Once we arrived home, my family was there waiting for us. They watched Baby G for about an hour so Nick and I could shower and rest for a little bit! Once they left, we held her in our arms all night and just stared at her, not believing that this tiny human was now here. It was the most special time in my life to date, and I bet I could say the same for my husband!

The rest of the week was a tough one! I was still healing from my delivery and struggling to get the hang of breastfeeding. We had to travel back and forth to the pediatrician multiple times that week to make sure Baby G’s bilirubin was back to normal, which it finally was.

The first few weeks were a blur of sleep deprivation, poopy diapers, feeding charts and trying to remember to eat! They weren’t kidding when they tell you that your sleep will not be the same. I will share a funny story though – Nick and I always joked about how much of a struggle it would be for me with little sleep (I have ALWAYS been a big sleeper, at least 10-12 a night to function), while Nick needed hardly sleep at all and was fine. That first week though we surprised ourselves by switching roles! Nick could hardly keep his eyes open and function, while I was awake and alert every hour, not feeling the lack of sleep. Once “Mommy-Adrenaline” wore off after that first week home, I definitely felt the difference 😀

From about week 3 – week 6 Baby G was up all night every night crying. We think it had to do with gas bubbles and colic, but I can tell you those were the TOUGHEST weeks. Nick and I were tested and pushed farther than we thought possible. Not to mention we had a job change, sold our house and moved to a different state! Once we were settled in (when Baby G was 2 months old) we noticed a huge change in her and even though her sleep can still be a little off even now, we realized what an exceptionally beautiful, smart, bright and ENERGETIC little girl we had 🙂

Minor Major Setback

By day 6 post-partum, I was in so much pain that no matter how I sat or laid, it was bad terrible! I called my doctor and she got me an appointment that morning. I remember crying the whole way there because of how much pain I was in, and also feeling bad for making a big deal out of it. HOWEVER, I am so glad we went because it turned out I had developed a blood clot under my stitches, which caused a couple of the stitches to burst open and EXTREME discomfort. Once she “fixed” that I began to heal much better!

Breastfeeding Expectations

Breastfeeding for us did not end up working out like I had dreamed and hoped it would. Basically my supply was not enough to keep her fed without supplementing. I was only able to breastfeed her 3 times to where she didn’t need a bottle the first 5 weeks of her life. I tried multiple things to help and saw a lactation consultant multiple times before finally making a decision. It was very difficult to make the decision to switch to formula only but she was much happier and so was I and I allowed myself to be okay and realize that FED is best. [Fast forward 11 months, she is a perfectly happy and healthy girl and eats like a champ 😉 ]

My Advice For You…

As I think back now there are SO many things I wish we would’ve done different, and I could go on and on about that, but the biggest thing I learned is this…

I can’t do this on my own.

Better yet, I wasn’t created to do this on my own. My husband, family and friends were so supportive during this time in my life, but even if I had no one on this Earth, GOD was and is here. He created my beautiful daughter and her mommy to be able to do this with HIS help. In those moments when it seemed like I just could not go on, He gave me strength, even when I didn’t ask for it or know I needed to.

New moms, seasoned moms, moms to be… YOU ARE AMAZING! God created you to be able to handle this and wants to show you and continue to show you how to unconditionally love your family each and every day.

What did your child’s birth story look like?? Comment below, I’d love to hear your experiences!

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