Baby G Birth Story Part 2: Pregnancy

This is Part 2 of Baby G’s Birth Story: Pregnancy… if you haven’t read Part 1 yet, click here to check it out!

Part 2: Pregnancy

[Warning: there may be some details ahead that qualify as TMI so I am sorry if that is the case! I want to share my full experience with you exactly how it happened.]

As I mentioned last week, I had certain expectations of what pregnancy would be like. I definitely didn’t have a “great pregnancy” but I know so many people who have had worse. It’s not all easy but there are definitely so many special moments to hold on to! Let’s start at the beginning, before I even had my first doctor’s appointment…

At 6 weeks pregnant, I had some spotting. I didn’t think too much of it because my doctor said that was normal in the beginning. However, later that day while I was at work I went to the restroom to find a LOT of blood. I wasn’t in any pain and had no idea it was even happening. I immediately thought the worst and called my doctor, who told me to come in first thing in the morning when they opened for an ultrasound. She didn’t sound like it was something awful, but she didn’t offer any encouraging words either. I called Nick and lost it. We were convinced I had a miscarriage and prayed long and hard that night for the Lord to provide a miracle. I didn’t have anymore bleeding that evening so we took that as a good sign and went to sleep.

We went to the doctor the next day, anxious and worried about what we would see on the ultrasound. The lady performing the ultrasound didn’t say much throughout. I was about to jump out of the chair when she said, “Well it looks like a normal pregnancy and fetus should look at this stage. I’ll send this over to the doctor and you can head on over.” You could have probably heard Nick and I sigh in relief, but I was still curious as to what caused it in the first place. We were sent to a room and when the doctor came in she explained what had probably happened. I don’t remember all the technical terms, but basically sometimes when a baby is planted in the uterus, they can rupture a blood vessel which is what caused the bleeding. She said everything looked normal and there was no reason to think anything was wrong. We left with thankful hearts that day!

“Morning” Sickness

A couple of weeks went by and I definitely could tell I was having some morning sickness. Only it wasn’t just in the morning… it was all day, every day. I missed a couple of days of work because I couldn’t keep anything down and didn’t want to spend the whole day in the bathroom. The plan was for me to work up until 2 months before the baby was due and then stay home with her once she was born, but the sickness was so overwhelming that I left my job earlier than planned.

During this time as well, Nick and I were transitioning out of youth ministry. He was waiting on another job to begin which gave him 5 weeks at home in between. I honestly think this was a blessing from the Lord because I don’t know how I would have done it without him. I kept thinking that if I could just make it to the end of the first trimester it’ll get better, or at least that’s what everyone kept saying. I was taking a medicine that was supposed to help with the sickness but I never noticed a difference. Week 12 hit and I was so hopeful, but the sickness got worse. It was to the point where I was down 12 lbs and couldn’t even drink water without it coming back up. That next month I went to the hospital 3 times to get fluids and more medicines to try and help. I couldn’t drive or hardly move around the house without feeling like I was going to throw up or pass out. I was getting sick at least 3 times a day, some days only once. I cried on Nick’s shoulder and felt guilt for how miserable I was but knew how blessed I was to be carrying this baby.

I had called my doctor through all this and I literally remember her saying, “Well the medicine you are on is the only one you can take, if it doesn’t help then there is nothing else I can do for you.” Now I understand morning sickness is a part of pregnancy, and that some people have it WAY worse than I did, but I didn’t feel she truly cared at all that I was sick. At 16 weeks I switched to a new doctor, who was also way closer than driving downtown to the hospital all the time…. BEST DECISION EVER! She was the sweetest and most helpful doctor. She listened to my concerns and said that we would figure this out because it was not good for me or the baby to continue on like this. She gave me some advice and new medications, and by week 22 I was finally able to resume a somewhat normal schedule. It never completely went away until the last couple of months but it was way more manageable and tons better than in the beginning!

Dealing With Guilt

Those few months were tough… I felt alone and guilty that I honestly just wasn’t enjoying pregnancy. I know so many people who have struggled with getting pregnant and infertility, and here I was pregnant with a healthy baby. I never once wished that I wasn’t pregnant, only that it would speed up and the sickness would go away. I also worried about how having a baby would affect my marriage; would my husband still be attracted to my post baby body? Would we snap at each other due to sleep deprivation? I worried about the time lost between us, but the Lord helped me see that change doesn’t have to be bad. We knew our lives would look different, but a good different because even though our time together would be limited, parenting together was going to be amazing!

The Lord helped comfort me so much during that time and took all my guilt away. He really allowed me to enjoy those last two months and I finally got to be excited for her arrival and the future, rather than stuck in the moment. Nick and I did lots of fun things together and invested lots of time and energy into our marriage and praying for Baby G’s arrival. God allowed me to see all the ways he had blessed us during this time, with the main thing being a healthy baby who we would get to love and raise!

Boy or Girl??

I’m one of those people that may not be the most patient ever and likes to know things as soon as possible. In fact, my husband is the same way so we both knew we wanted to find out the gender as soon as we possibly could. Plus, I wanted to know for shopping and nursery purposes!

Fun fact: before Nick and I even thought about starting a family, we were told by multiple people that they thought we would have all girls. We had no idea why but the crazy thing is I had that same gut feeling! I don’t know why but every time I thought about being pregnant and having a baby, I pictured a teeny tiny little girl.

I googled all of the myths about pregnancy with a boy and with a girl and most of my symptoms (extreme morning sickness, carrying high, more breakouts, fast baby heartrate, etc…) matched up to the girl side. When we went in at 16 weeks to find out the gender, I honestly would have been shocked if she told us the baby was a boy. But alas, she was a girl; we were thrilled yet not surprised 😀


I had random cravings now and again but none as intense as the ONE thing I craved my entire pregnancy…. POTATOES!! It didn’t even matter what kind… mashed, fried, baked, you name it! When I was finally able to keep some food down, I went through a 10 lb bag of potatoes a week and that is all I ate. Once I could start eating more I had lots of oatmeal, cereal, toast and bland things like that. It wasn’t really until towards the end of pregnancy that I could be crazy normal and eat something like chicken or tacos! But up until the day I gave birth I still wanted potatoes. 😀

Weight Gain

I gained about 25 lbs during pregnancy. I tried as hard as I could to keep exercising (a.k.a., walking the dog) and eating well once I could actually eat. My belly stayed a little smaller than average because she measured tiny up until the last 4 or 5 weeks… I told everyone that is when I really felt pregnant as far as being uncomfortable! My belly prevented me from doing certain things, like bending down to get the laundry out of the washer or tying my shoes! 😀

The Best Parts of Pregnancy

As much as I struggled physically and emotionally during my pregnancy, there were so many things I enjoyed about it!

  1. Feeling her move in my belly was amazing and I still miss that to this day; I would sit for over and hour sometimes with my hand on my belly, laughing when she would have a big movement. She usually was more active at night and early in the morning and it was never painful except when she would kick my bladder… it didn’t hurt but I sure felt it haha!!
  2. Ultrasounds were always great because I actually got to see that there was a real baby inside me!
  3. I couldn’t believe Nick and I were going to be parents and we were excited to see and love each other in our new roles.
  4. Knowing that our time together would be different once Baby G got here, Nick and I were very intentional about investing into our marriage. We read Love & Respect, one of our favorite marriage books and also a huge influence in the way we live out our marriage. We would go on late night runs to Sonic and Taco Bell (french fries for me of course) and even Walmart just because. We laughed together A LOT and he was always there for me when I needed him.
  5. I cannot say this part enough… I LOVED my doctor. She was kind, a great listener and knew what she was doing. She made me feel super comfortable and did everything she could to give me peace about pregnancy and delivery. I was so sad when I realized she wouldn’t be my doctor anymore because we moved 8 weeks after Baby G was born… unless I wanted to drive 2 hours to every appointment with my next pregnancy (which I am still tempted to do ;D).

At 36 weeks, we moved to weekly appointments with my doctor and time flew by! We talked about being induced by a certain date if she didn’t come on her own.

But I will save the rest of this story for next time…

Read Part 3: Labor & Delivery, next week!


Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs

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      Haha that is awesome! It’s funny how our bodies change even after, there are still foods I don’t want to eat even though I’m not pregnant any more lol.

    • Mindy
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      Yes it is!! 🙂

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